Club and ‘Open’ Competitions 2020

Date Club Competition Format Winner Runner Up
Sunday 29th March Green Opening Closed - format tbc
Sunday 26th April Doubles Trophy Closed Draw for Partners Doubles Round Robin to a final
Sunday 10th May Wendy Fish Sheild TBC
Sunday 31st May Jubilee Cup Open -Singles Round Robin to final
Sunday 5th July Spencer Cup Closed -Singles Round Robin to final
Sunday 16th August Oak Rose Bowl Open Doubles
Sunday 6th September John Smith Cup Closed - Singles Round Robin to final
Sunday 4th October Eddie Bennett Cup Open -Doubles
Sunday 13th Dec Turkey Shoot Open - Round Robin type tbc
Monday 28th and Wed 30th Dec Memorial Round 1 & 2 Open - Power Bowling Round Robin
Date Club Competition Format Winner Runner Up

Classic 2020

1st March 2020 – online registrations will open at 

Remember last year click here

AGM 2020

Monday 20th January at The Railway Pleasington 7.45 pm. Please contact Secretary at if required.

A Memorial Competition

 Monday 30th December 2019

10 of the 12 bowlers from Friday returned to play for the Memorial Trophy and three additional bowlers came to enjoy beautiful spring like weather on a drying Railway Green. Today’s 13 player round-robin was restricted to 10 minutes per session in order to stay within daylight hours, and so it began. 12 games for each player of ‘power’ bowling, all but one involved in each session.

The results on the day:

Brian Fish (86) and joint second Andy White and Dean Butler (85), then Reg Horman (83), Gary Timlin (82), Craig Ramell (80), John Phillips, Frank Whittaker and Ian Parkinson all (79), Alan Croft (71), Chris Eastham (59), Norman Starkie (49) and Steve Garswod (48)

Memorial Trophy Overall Scores

Winner:     Gary Timlin 198 just pipped Brian Fish by 1 chalk, third was Craig Ramell on 195

Other Scores:  Reg Horman (192), John Phillips and Andy White (188), Frank Whittaker (180), Chris Eastham (152), Steve Garswood (123), Norman Starkie (134)

A short presentation and a reflective few moments to remember past bowlers, friends and family brought to a conclusion a very interesting two days of ‘power bowling’. Thanks to all at The Railway for their support and service, and to those who made this a real success. I’m pretty sure the weather will impact us in future years, but I’d like to think we can continue with The Memorial as a mark of respect to our forebears.

Happy New Year.

Friday 27th

12 bowlers started the first round of the Memorial. To ensure everyone played each other and within the 3.5 hour daylight window. a ’round-robin’ with a twist was decided. Each match lasting 15 minutes and the points scored allocated against each player. Very interesting format which will be refined should we replay this again.

After 11 games and an excellent day bowling the table looks like:

Gary Timlin                   116
Craig Ramell                 115
Kiki Patel                       113
Brian Fish                      111
Reg Horman                 109
John Phillips                  109
Andy White                   103
Frank Whittaker           101
Chris Eastham                93
Steve Garswood             85
Norman Starkie              85
Leighton Whitehead – DNF

Friday’s winner Gary Timlin by 1 Chalk from Craig Ramell. The Memorial winner will most likely come from the 11 players above. However, there is a separate Competition on Monday 30th – £3.00 entry for Monday Only and an additional £5 for players in the full comp (who did not pay in full on Friday). Anyone on Monday fancying their chances at the Memorial must pay the entry fee for the two days and three Comps (£10).

Monday’s competition format will be decided at 11.00am based on competitors attending. This will be a separate competition with a first and second prize. The Memorial winner will be the bowler with the highest cumulative chalks.

Should we play again the Time based Round-robin then there is one rule change:

A player bowling a block off the green concedes the block and a point to their opponent.

Thanks to everyone taking part.

Could be a tricky administration issue Monday!

Friday 27th and Monday 30th December at the Railway Pleasington starting 11.00am and subject to weather, the first-ever Railway Memorial competition has been proposed.

Our objective is to enjoy bowling together in memory of those who can not bowl with us again. Winner(s) will be decided on each day.


The format will be decided at the start of play and may differ each day, subject to numbers attending and conditions.


Entry Fee £3.00 per player. 


A wreath has been laid in memory of Phyllis Armstrong and all past bowlers. 



Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year




Turkey Shoot 2019


Sunday 8th Dec 11.00am – format subject to weather and entrants.


Enter by emailing


Wear your best Jingle Jumper



Eddie Bennett End of Season Doubles



Winners Brian and Ben being presented with the Cup. Runners-Up Norman and Chris must be camera shy!


Another excellent Club Competition to close season 2019. Another very successful season both on and off the green. Congratulations to all the Winners but more so to those who take part, the core of our club. To the team Captain’s and organisers of all events, our thanks. To our landlord and landlady Mark and Ann and to our Crazy Chef Colin and all the bar staff, a very big thank you.


Railway Classic 


FANTASTIC Qualifying weekend to the Classic 2019



Classic 2019 – The Video – Click here


Under brilliant summer clear blue skies the Railway Bowling Club team assembled to deliver to the first 32 bowlers an example of just how to run a bowling competition.  The REAL stars of this year are our Railway Volunteers and the communication interfaces that support it. Our competitors from across the UK were more than complementary. We even have entries for next year. We are creating a standard to lift Bowling into a new era. 


The 16 qualifiers are indicative of the quality of entries. Our two previous winners are again in the last 16 and there are some excellent games to see.


Special mention to Mark Green and his team who have worked so hard to present The Railway green and surrounds as beautiful! Winners don’t have bumps! To the staff of The Railway Hotel work so hard to feed and water everyone, and to our professional bowling photography Pete Graham,  thank you.


Don’t miss out, come on down and be part of our success.  (don’t type tyhis into the serach area) and all set for the best Classic Final yet. It doesn’t happen without our wonderful club volunteers who provide marking, measuring, programme sales and much more. This event supports club improvements from which we all benefit.


In advance of your assistance please accept the organisers and sponsors grateful thanks.



John Smith’s Club Competition – Congratulations to Mick Lee – Champion 2019


Winner Mick Lee who beat Norah in the final and Alan in the semi’s, Norah beating Greg in the other semi-final. Another great Club competition organised by Ian (he’s Tango man)







Open Doubles


Congratulations to Mark Marrow and his partner Bob Shepherd who beat Alan and Nprak in a thrilling final. Details to follow.


Infirmary Cup 


The Railway bowling club is pleased to be the chosen venue for the 2019 Infirmary Cup final between Crown A and Roe Lee starting at 6.30 pm. As a club, let’s all support this event. Our unique scoring system will be on display.


Congratulations to:




John Phillips beating Pete Norris to take the Australian Shield on the Club Outing at Rivington Bowling Club



The Darwen Railway A team, magnificent win on Friday night



The Railway VETS in winning their League with three games to spare



Railway Nomads Darwen League – Cup FINAL


Friday 19th July @ Lower Darwen URC 6.45 pm start v Darwen Subs 


Click here for: Live match scorecard


Ian Armstrong’s wins 2019 John Spencer Cup


Fantastic day at the Railway playing for the JS Cup. Losing semi-finalists John Phillips and Vince Wilkinson left Ian and Chris in the Final. Chris’s first final (but not his last!). Ian taking the Cup and the event with a fine performance




Blackburn President’s LDURC 29th June


Starting times:


11.30 am Reg Horman
12.00pm John Phillips
12.30pm Ian Armstrong


No Practice. Good luck to all our bowlers.


Jubilee Cup 2019


Great days bowling and very well organised. Pity the green wasn’t cut but the weather had a lot to do with that. Our Champion 2019 Reg Horman who remained unbeaten on the day. Secretary Sue Livesey was runner-up after playing well all day. Good to see new faces.





Darwen President’s Qualifiers & Final


Congratulations to Mick Lee Butlers. Mick beat Reg in the semi’s:


Games and results below:


Barrie Howarth 21—-Jack Williamson 4.


Danielle Eccles 20—Chris Ford 21.


Reg Horman 21——-Bill Stemp 20.


Mick Lee 21————Tony Rodham 16.




Barrie Howarth 15—Chris Ford 21.


Reg Horman 12——Mick Lee 21.




Chris Ford 6—Mick Lee 21.


Everton Street was in great condition. Thanks to all who made this a successful competition.






Jack Williamson (URC A)
Barrie Howarth (Turton)
Reg Horman (Railway A)
Tony Rodham Darwen Subs A
Danielle (Eccles Corporation Park C)
Mick Lee (Butlers A)
Chris Ford (Green Park)
Bill Stemp (Dugdale A)


Finals start 11.30am at Everton Street on Saturday 1st June.
John Phillips lost first round, Ian second and Mark C in the third round – great performances from the Railway contingent.



June 2nd SUNDAY – Jubilee Singles Competition


A physical booking system is activated. Members wishing to enter please add your names to the list in the bowling hut. Online registrations for club Competitions has been suspended until the Sun finally rises. Note: The Railway Classic entries are only taken online.


Railway Doubles 2019


Congratulations to Alan and Janet, winners of the 2019 Doubles Trophy. Alan and Janet beat Vince Wilkinson and his partner, Joe Gaffney.



Janet and Alan receiving the Doubles Trophy from President Alan Cottam (apologies for the shadows).


Darwen President’s 2019


Good luck to our Railway bowlers playing Saturday 25th May.



11AM :-


Norman Howarth (Olive A) Scr***        v  ,  Les Wilson (Feniscowles A) +2,***


Mark Croasdale (Railway A) SCR***   v     Alan Leach (Whitehall B) +2,***


Maureen Gavaghan (Butlers B) +1      v     Jack Williamson (URC- A) +1,


Julian Regan (Green Park) +2***         v      Alan Robinson (Brinscall) +2,


Peter Graham (Olive A) SCR***           v      Barrie Howarth (Turton) SCR,


11.45AM :-


Ian Smith (Olive A) SCR***                   v      John Phillips (Railway) SCR,***


Eric Colling (Whitehall B) +2                 v       Dave Harper (LDM A) +1,


Rick Riley (Olive A) SCR                      v       Carl Eccles (Corporation A) SCR,***


Mick Jones (Olive B) +2                        v       Hadrian Regan (Green Park) +2,***


12.30PM :-


Paul Shaw (Corporation B) +2               v       Roy Walsh (Butlers C) +3,


John Aspinall (Brinscall) +2***               v       Reg Horman (Railway) SCR,***


Nick Marshall (Corporation A) SCR***   v      Anne Blakemore (Feniscowles C) +3,


Geoff Riley (Crown B) +1                       v      Tony Rodham (Darwen Subs A) SCR,


Trevor Dickinson (Feniscowles A) +2    v      Steve Armer (LDM B) +2.





11AM :-


Danielle Eccles (Corporation C) +3          v       Brenda Lee (Butlers A) SCR,


Jim Swan (East-Lancs) +2 ***                  v       Barbara Grimmer (East-Lancs Subs) +1,


John Wyche (Crown A) SCR                    v       Liam Lang (Witton B) +2,


Dean Waddicor (Hoddlesden A) +1          v       Russell Marshall (Corporation A) SCR,***


Andrew Hodkinson (Feniscowles C) +2***v       Lynn Swan (East-Lancs) +2,


11.45AM :-


Ian Armstrong (Railway) SCR                   v       Les Brown (Whitehall A) SCR,


Andy White (Darwen Subs B) +1              v       Neville Turnbull (Olive A) SCR,***


Mick Lee (Butlers A) SCR ***                    v       Charlie Hodkinson (Feniscowles C) +2,


Neil Spencer (Witton A) SCR                    v       Mary Marshall (Corporation A) SCR,


12.30pm :-


Lyndon Howarth ( Hoddlesden B) +3        v       Mike Grimmer (East-Lancs Subs) +1,***


Chris Ford (Green Park) +2                      v      Frank Whitaker (Darwen Subs A) SCR,***


Keith Holt (Salesbury B) +3                      v      Joe Gaffney (Cherry Tree) +1,


Ken Willetts (Whitehall B) +2***                v      Bill Stemp (Darwen Subs A) SCR.***


KEY :-


*** = Pay £2 on the day ( 1 per team already paid for). All players pay 50p greenage.



Darwen Merit Update & Winner


On a very cold May morning Ian batted through to the semi-finals, but alas succumbed to the bowling of Danielle Eccles who would lose in the Final to Adrian Hodgon 21-12. Congratulations from all at the Railway to Ian and of course to Aidy.


Congratulations to Ian Armstrong who qualified to reach the last eight in the 2018 Order of Merit competition:


The qualifiers are:-


John Bentley (Whitehall A) – SCR,
Danielle Eccles (Corporation Park C) +3,
Ian Armstrong (Railway) SCR,
Keith Holt (Salesbury B) +3,
Frank Whitaker (Alex -last season) SCR,
Nick Marshall (Corporation Park A) +1,
Jim Swan (East-Lancs) +3,
Aidy Hodgon (Crown A) SCR.


Congratulation to all the above who battled through in very cold and wet conditions.


The MERIT FINAL will be at OLIVE PARK next Saturday 4th May – 11am roll-up, 11.20am draw and 11.30am starting time.


2019 Competitions – Change of Dates


Doubles will now be played on 19th May. Online entries will persist. Anyone who cannot now play on the 19th please inform. The Jubliee Cup will now be played on 2nd June – Online entries open in May.


Railway Green Opening Club Competition


24th March 11.30am at the Green – enter ONLINE now


Format to be decided on the day. Let’s come together as a Club and start the new season with another Railway special event.


Online Entry Form to follow,,,



Railway Classic 2019 – FULL ENTRY in less than 4 hours!


2019 Railway Classic Details & Entry


September IS a long way away but already we have demand for The Railway Classic. Online entries with payment will commence 1st March 2019 at 6.00pm. Bowlers without Internet Connectivity and previous year entrants (who turned up!) will be contacted PRIOR to the 1st March as a reminder. Prior year winners receive an automatic place which, of course, they may decline.


The temptation to extend to 128 grows with every year. Let’s think now about 2020.


Our objective in 2017 was to hold a National Competition within which East Lancashire bowlers could get a chance to play against the ‘best’. As our competition grows this is becoming harder to maintain. As a thought, and for feedback, what do we think about having 8 local (East Lancashire) reserved places. If we get more local demand than 8, then lets think about a local qualifier whereby the last 8 take these spots spread over the four qualifying days (just a thought).



Past and new Club Competitions


2019 Club competitions are HERE… these are updated through the year and competitions will be ‘announced’ on this page as a reminder. Through 2019 direct contact with members will be made assuming we have GDPR consent. Competitions and results can be found under Club Comps on the main menu.



2019 AGM – NOTE RE-ARRANGED DATE – it is now the 21st Jan… 


Monday 21st January 7.30pm.


Welcome by Chairman
Adoption of Minutes
Matter Arising
Secretaries Report
Treasuries Reports (Club Fees)
Railway Classic 2019
Committee Elections
Green Committee Report
Safeguarding Officer
Any Other Business


Traditional AGM agenda with discussions in AOB regarding the Railway Classic – how ambitious are we?


Happy New Year…


New Year’s Eve and 2019 is nearly upon us. For webmasters across crown green bowling that means updates, new fixtures, technical compliance updates and lots of work before the Green officially open. The Railway Hotel’s superb Christmas entertainment continues tonight. Will see you there if you can make it and if not, have a wonderful evening and a Happy New Year to everyone.


Saturday was Ben’s leaving party and ‘our’ girls made his night. They came dressed as Policewoman. A great effort and atmosphere, though many potential visitors did think twice before entering.



Well done Policewoman Pat and friends.


Finally, thoughts are with all members and bowling friends who lost loved ones in 2018. Missed but never forgotten.


Railway Turkey Shoot


Tournament changed to ’round-robin’ to allow more games in bright Winter sunshine. Played on a drying green four groups battled to provide a league winner for the semi-finals. Reg playing Mark C and Frank Whittaker playing Rushton Street bowler Gary Timkin (his first time at the Railway). Frank, looking physically tired, couldn’t make a mark and Mark C taking victory 11-9 after some very good bowling by both players. In the final, Gary would pip Mark C to win the Turkey Shoot hamper, presented to the Club by Mark Green.


Finishing at 3.40pm as temperatures started to drop and with most people staying to the end prizes were paid to first and second in each league and, of course, the losing semi and finalist players. As always excellent service by all staff at The Railway Hotel and some wonderful meal deals on offer – Steak and Chips for two + bottle of wine £19.99 – fantastic food and seasonal prices… enjoy.


Our Green stood up well to the battering and rain of the week previous to provide a great start to festivities at the Railway.


Railway Classic 2019 – Update meeting Friday 16th Nov 8.00pm at the Railway


Note: TUESDAY 13th Railway was ‘shut’ – holidays – review now Friday.


2018 Review and lessons learnt
2019 Format and dates – 64 or 128?


If you can’t make it but wish to contribute please send feedback to


End of Season Doubles



Mark C and Vinnie… details to follow (anyone got them?)


Railway Classic Winner and Results



Our winner, Callum Wraight, with his greatest ever prize, Olivia!


Wonderful qualifying weekend, great support and some truly excellent bowling. Feedback and comments support our innovations and investment as our Club pushes the bar even higher. The scoring system provided ‘instant’ match, player and scoring connectivity and the ‘first’ online Programme with Live Score updates delivers a Smart future for bowling.


If you want a FREE commemorative programme as an app, then click here


Full competition results here




Railway Classic – Pre-Live Run Through


Thursday 20th Sep 6.30pm to run through scoring, booking-in, programme sales, event timings, communications and any other areas



Railway Vagabonds – Champions Div 2 Darwen League


Great team effort in cold conditions and on a heavy URL Green:



Result:  Vagabonds 5 – Corp Park 3 + Agg – Railway are champions 10-8.  Justice to a season of good bowling. Well done everyone.


Railway Classic – Programme Adverts


Half Page adverts £50.00, Full Page £85.00


This year The Railway Classic programme will be digitised and offered to over 120000 bowlers via online digital store. The programme is a ‘ticket’ to the competition and we will have 300 physical programmes to sell.


Deadline for advertisers 10th Sep. If you wish to support this event and promote your business please contact Reg using the web site contact form, email using or call 07793005880.


Max Forrest 2018


After many years campaigning for this Merit competition in the Blackburn League to take place in the same year as the league we are delighted to announce:


“The MAX FORREST TROPHY will be held at the end of the season starting from this season The Trophy will be held over the weekend of the 15th & 16th SEPT at FENISCOWLES B.C The qualifying rounds on the Saturday will start from 10-30 with the finals day on the Sunday starting at 1pm The draw will be made after the end of the season”


Our qualifiers (if available) are Mark Marrow and Phil Fogarty. Further details to follow.


Railway A v Railway B – 10th Sep


The finale of the 2018 league season, well at least for the A Team. This friendly match will be followed by Supper (Potato Pie and Peas) at The Railway.


John Smith’s Singles KO Trophy 2nd Sep


Another beautiful 2018 Sunday and excellent green upon which to ‘compete’. Round-robin leagues, two semi-finals and final saw Vinnie Wilkinson beat John Phillips 15-13 in the semi-final and Raz beat Alan Livesey in the semi-final and then Vinnie in the final 21-12. After all these years, this is Raz’s first ever trophy…



Congratulations to Railway Vagabonds


Promotion in the Darwen 2nd division presents for the first time ever, two first division sides in a league. Mighty congratulations to the B Team and good luck in 2019. The B team finished joint top with the same everything so an extra game has been arranged between the top two on 11th Sep at URC Lower Darwen – let’s all get behind the B Team to help them become Champions.


Railway Vets – KO Final Runners Up


Held at Roe Lee 23rd Aug the Railway played Corporation Park and won in Semi Final; Olive Park beat Dugdale in the other semi.


The final was tense and thrilling with both sides winning 4 games each, it came down to ‘Aunty Agg’ which unfortunately fell in Olive Park’s favour by 11 chalks… very hard luck but well played all.


Bob’s quote “Outstanding play from Vet Vince Wilkinson, who looks only 35!” – we’ve booked a Specsavers appointment for you Bob!


Captain Raz picking up the ‘brown’ envelop pictured below (on the right, but you wouldn’t guess that):



Oak Rose Bowl 2018


The format was changed to round-robin which started in drizzle and ended up in dry and warm conditions. At the start, the green was heavy and for the first time since May a push. The final was dominated by players from Witton who beat Vince and Sue Brian and Matt in the semi’s.


The winners were Steve Croft and Mick Preston who beat Mark Green and Tim Preston 21-17.




An excellent day brilliantly run by Ian and his assistants and this year the competition concluded two hours early than last!



Well done Ian… off to the place that feeds us across the road for the Railway Classic draw and another pint!


Blackburn League Max Forrest


Pleased to announce that the qualifier and finals for the Max Forrest 2018 will actually be in 2018 and specifically Sept. See League web site for details.


Railway Classic Draw…


The Railway Classic 2018 Draw will be made on Sunday 19th August.


Railway hosts ‘Infirmary Cup’ 2018


Congratulations to Crown on their victory against Rishton B.C. on 2nd Aug.


Alan presenting the Cup to Lee Hammond Crown


Rishton Runners-Up 2018


The presentation was made by The President of Blackburn Bowling Association Alan Cottom, pictured above presenting the Cup to the winners Crown and runners-up Rishton


Railway Classic funds connected Green


Investing in our Green we are delighted to announce that the Railway Garden Terrace wi-fi service is working. Providing wi-fi connectivity to all areas of our Green, live scoring will be much easier. Greenside wi-fi is managed from The Railway Hotel and will be available as appropriate.


Railway Classic – Club Meeting


Friday 20th July – 8.00pm at The Railway Pleasington. Agenda: Railway Classic 2018 updates, green improvements, programmes, sponsorship, scoring system, new wi-fi and entries. If you wish to get involved and cannot make the meeting please contact Reg / Mike to register your interest.


Latest news:  Callum Wraight will play Sunday 23rd Sep, lets hope he has a newer car!


Club Outing to Rivington


Splendid day in what is now a superb summer 2018. Excellent round robin competitions resulted in Final between Mark Green (Witton) and Brian Fish. Brian would win the Australian Sheild with yet another very good spell of line and length bowling.


Spencer Cup 2018 – Live Scores



World Cup re-arranged matches


Nomad’s – 3rd July match at home against Alex will be played on Thursday 5th July


Railway A – 18th June match way at Highfield will be played on Thursday 12th July


Congratulations to Mark Croasdale


Mark, representing the Railway A in this years ‘Max Factor’ competition, qualified to reach the finals day which is to be held at Lower Darwen ML on Sat 16th June at 12.00 noon.


Railway hosts 2018 Ainsworth Cup


Excellent venue, green and hospitality and a very good days bowling. Full results here


Butler’s Presidents Cup


Congratulations to Ian Armstrong. His dissappointment from Saturday was overcome as he lifted the President’s Cup at the Butlers! 64 Entries and an excellent turn out from the Railway. Ian beat Dave Shaw (aka shawwy) in a thrilling final.


Darwen President’s 2018


Full Results here – Excellent bowling with Reg and Ian in the final losing to Mick Jones who bowled to the highest standard through all three games.


Congratulations to Ian and Reg who qualified for the Finals Day Sat 2nd June 12.30pm at Whitehall B.C. – the draw will take place at 12:20 pm and the qualifiers are:


Mick Jones (Olive Park) +2
Reg Horman (Railway)  SCR
Kelvin Rutter (Olive Park) SCR
Colin Crawford (Witton) SCR
Tony Rodham (Darwen Subs A) SCR
Harry Hargreaves (Darwen Subs A) SCR
Ian Armstrong (Railway A ) SCR
Nick Marshall (Corporation A) +1


Railway ‘A’ crash out of Cup 2018


Congratulations to Darwen C who on aggregate defeated last years Cup winners by 11 chalks. The game 4 each, one loser to 20 and one Captain battered to 1 the difference. Nothing taken away from Darwen ‘C’ who demonstrated excellent bowling on a very good green. We wish them well in their next round(s).


Club Comp Change…


The Opening Comp of 2018 will now be played on 13th May. Entries on sheets in club house (one day we will use the web site as it should be!).


Mark Croasdale qualifies for Darwen Merit Final


Congratulations to Mark Croasdale who qualified at yesterday’s Darwen Merit.  Final is 5th May at Lower Darwen URC 12.20pm start…


Rest peacefully…


On Sunday 1st April, surrounded by her immediate loving family, Phyllis, peacefully yet suddenly passed away. All our thoughts, love, and prayers are with Ian, Eileen, and their loved ones at this sad time.


Phyllis, our ‘Queen Mum’, was an exceptional person who will be missed by all who had the privilege to know her.


One of the best!


The funeral is 16th April at 10.45am – at Pleasington Crematorium – family flowers only – Charitable donations via Alty’s Funeral Services – full details will be in LET Monday evening.


Comments open on POST section.


GREEN is OPEN for 2018 Season


Looking splendid after a fresh cut this week, the Railway Bowling Green is now OPEN.  Visitors to the green will be presented with ‘safety barriers’. These are in position as the WALL between the Car Park and the Green has collapsed. It will be re-built shortly and hopefully prior to the first league game on 9th April.


Blackburn League Online


A much-improved league information, match, league and merit platform is now in use for the season 2018. For Blackburn League details we will ‘link’ to this platform.




The Railway Bowling Club AGM will be held at The Railway Pleasington at 7.30pm on January 16th (Tuesday).


Isle of Man Bowling Festival 2018


Railway Classic wetted your bowing amibitions? Why not spend a week on the Isle of Man immersed in bowling competitions day and night. 18th June to 22nd June. This year we have a definite TWO Railway Pleasington bowlers already booked to play and stay. Special packages available via the IOM Tourist Board. Anyone interested contact Reg to discuss – details can be found at


2017 Turkey Shoot – CANCELLED



Despite having the largest field for festive fun, the weather has turned wintery, and whilst making Pleasington and The Railway Christmas Card perfect, it bodes badly for travel and bowls.


The 2017 Turkey Shoot has been cancelled, the Turkey can be seen running across the fields for another year!


Just seen the Coca-Cola Lorries on TV… Christmas is coming


The Railway Hotel Pleasington is a great place to enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas, good food, log fires and fantastic people. Join us and make it a Christmas to remember.


10th Dec – Turkey Shoot (weather permitting) – Entries can be made in the Railway and/or by emailing


15th Dec – Railway Bowling Club Xmas Party – Pleasington Golf Club


Pairs winners Phil and Greg


After a FULL days bowling, the Eddie Bennett Cup, making a re-appearance after 24 years!, was awarded to A team bowlers Phil and Greg who beat Vinnie and Little Al in the final. Another great club competition run by Ian.



The Railway Classic Winner, our fabulous team of volunteers, Landlord and Landlady


Great pleasure to announce the winner Jack Hargreaves from Stockport. Jack beat Dean Butler in the final.



This extremely successful event, as judged by the feedback we have received, has achieved its objective. In the final analysis, everyone was a winner and no more so than our wonderful Railway volunteers. Everyone contributing to the success.



Well done one and all, and sorry you missed the photo Barbara, Phil and everyone else that made this event special.


Of course, none of this would have been possible without the extraordinary effort of Mark and Ann, now Mr and Mrs Nicholls. A brilliant contribution to putting The Railway in the ‘bowling map’ and to the rejuvenation of  East Lancashire as a bowling centre of excellence.


Full gallery of images will be available on


Finals Day Planning Meeting…


Wed 7.30pm to discuss arrangements for Finals Day on Sat 30th Sep. We will review previous two days, look at the Photo’s taken by Peter J Graham and plan for a very busy finale to what is already a hugely successful inaugural event. All Railway members welcome.


Railway Classic Prize Presentation


In keeping with the ‘prestige’ created by the Railway Team, it is with great pleasure that we announce that the presentation party will include Brian Duncan. A legend in top bowling circles.


Railway Classic Update…


Fantastic two days made special by the Railwayer’s. A highlight was having the Waterloo Champion on our green, Wayne Ditchfield, he didn’t qualify, but gave an excellent and worthy account losing 20-21. All competitors brought something to the event, and 100% took away support and respect for The Railway Hotel, Bowling Green and Members. Be proud, be very proud and to all many thanks for your support.


All details on  and good luck in the final to our local players Ian Armstrong, Alan Livesey, Mark Green and Colin Crawford.


A full library of candid snapshots has been compiled by Peter J Graham Photography. These will be on display at the Finals Day – 12.00 noon 30th Sep.


Please note that the ‘end of season’ comp is now scheduled for 8th October.


Railway Classic Volunteers


Great turnout last night at a meeting to discuss tasks for a successful inaugural Railway Classic. Brilliant Railway Trophy, well done Pete Norris, two great trophies, thanks Frank Riding and lots of willing people. Never too many though, and anyone wishing to come down watch and maybe help will enjoy something never before seen at your Railway.


Railway Classic Players and Games


We are all set for the inaugural Railway Classic. 64 elite bowlers from across the UK competing over two qualifying days 23rd and 24th Sep with the final in 30th at 12.00 noon. Programmes are £2.00 and provide entry into a prize draw for £100 + 10% discount on food purchased throughout the competition. Weather looks settled so an ideal weekend to check out the best that bowling can offer.


Reg wins John Smith’s after a thrilling final


For the second year running, and with a slightly less limp than last year, Reg just manages to win against gallant runner-up Bob Shepherd. Full report here


Railway Nomads survive relegation to finish half way up the table


After a very poor start to season 2017, primarily caused by absence and injury, our full strength squad turned around what looked like a dire position in July to stay in Division 1 of the Darwen League. Brilliant team effort. Next year a strong start and who knows what could happen.


Railway A WIN promotion (again!)


Brilliant end to a successful season sees the Railway A in second place of the second division and for the third year running ‘promotion’ i.e. until the ‘league’ change structure and demote us from our rightful position.
An excellent TEAM effort with a bare minimum squad creating ‘hormany; and that all-important spirit.


Oak Rose Bowl winners Mike Holdsworth and Pete Norris (2nd year running)


After a MAMMOTH day of bowling and some very close games, Mick and Pete saw off the challenge from the A Team and then Witton to take the trophy. Well done to all who entered and apologies for the length of the day.


Railway ‘A’ WIN the Infirmary Cup 



Congratulations to the A team on a magnificent 5-3 win over Blackburn Subs. The Railway supporters played their part in helping bring home the trophy. The last time The Railway won this was in 1968, well before most of the team were born! Fantastic post match celebrations


Throughout the season there were NO losers just winners! Finals night the team won 5-3, can you work out who on this one night were the winners?


Oak RoseBowl – Club Competition


20th August – this is a ‘doubles’ pick your partner competition. Entry Sheet in the bowling hut. The ‘A’ team will be running this event. Start time 11:30am, format, likely to be ’round-robin’ so more than one game per pair. Let’s make this a good one.


Railway A v Blackburn Subs in the FINAL of the Infirmary Cup


Thursday 10th August 6.30 start at The Alexandria Pub, and for the second year running, the Railway A attempt to bring home a win. Try and get there to help The Railway bring home The Cup.


Railway A – re-arranged match at Roe Lee confirmed


Thursday 3rd August 6.30pm start. Let’s make this one special. The final is the following Thursday, so give me a big headache. Phil, best leave your wallet at home!


Bowling Trip – Actual feedback…


Second Year running Mark Marrow takes home the Trophy whilst family affair Barbara and Matt win the doubles… see full details and pics click here


The trip to St Stephens Social Club, Banks is next weekend. Many of our bowlers have never heard of it and are suspicious as to its credentials. Banks is a green upon which one of the early season singles open is played. Admitted, it is many years since I last played there but it is a green that sticks in your memory. Yesterday I received feedback from the Club when asking about the greens condition:


“We had a change of green keeper at the start of the season that put our medium term maintenance programme slightly out of sequence, but with the rain this week he’s managed to get a feed on and it’s running quite well at the moment. Still a number of interesting marks that will challenge your players!”


Looking good… now, what is the weather going to do?  There’s snooker, darts, Domino’s and, yes I nearly forgot, a bar!



Railway Classic –


Now only 9 space left to fill! Entries from across the UK Crown Bowling empire and an Elite field of bowlers including UK No. 1 Callum Wraight from Shropshire. Watch out for the draw and enjoy seeing the best play our wonderful green.


Spencer Cup


Mick Lee retains his hold on the Cup after a remarkable comeback in the final against Ian Armstrong. Ian led 15-4 before Mick, bowling corner to corner, came back taking 10 ends on the run to win 21-17. Pictures and match report to follow.


Railway A in the Infirmary Cup Final for second year running


In a THRILLING (and frightening) game of bowls against Dugdale the Railway A team won 5-3. A score that hides just how close this match was and how so easily it could have slipped away. (see match report).


The final is on 10th August at The Alex – 6.30pm start.


Blackburn Presidents Day Final 2.00pm Sat 1st July


Congratulations to Pat, the 2017 Blackburn President’s Trophy winner.


The Railway Classic 2017 website for online booking is LIVE


Restricted to our members we now have at details of the event. Book early to avoid disappointment. What for details of helpers required to make this inaugural event one of the best!


President’s Cup Qualifiers


Congratulations to Ian and Pat who qualified for the Final to be played a THE RAILWAY 1st July.


2017 Infirmary Cup – Semi Finals


Dugdale A v Railway A


Two Gates v Blackburn Subs


To be played on 6th July.


Railway A beat Great Harwood to reach the semi-finals for the second successive year. Game to be played on 6th July against one of the three other semi-finalists – Two Gates, Dugdale and Blackburn subs. Watch Cup details on the site.


2017 Jubilee Cup


Congratulations to Alan Lowe who in a thrilling final (so I am told) managed to beat Sue Livesey. Seni-finalists Mark and Raz. Excellent day, organisation and hospitality and a near perfect green.


2017 Railway Bowling Club Trip – Banks, Southport


New green and location for this year’s annual club outing taking place on 15th July 2017. Breakfast at the Railway, transport to and from Banks and an interesting and sheltered green upon which to play. Buffet tea served at 5.00pm.


Please let your team Captain know if you will be attending.


Doubles Trophy – Winners Alan and Norah



The perfect day played on a perfect green supplied by perfect food and drink and run to perfection. The Doubles Trophy our first competition of the season. 20 players in two leagues the winners if each league into the Final.


Alan and Norah playing last minute stand-in Frank and his partner Raz. The game went to the final end 14 across (all games 15 up on the day). Alan and Norah just making it. Commiserations to especially Frank, playing in his first ever bowling final and congratulations to especially Alan winning a share of the Trophy for the second year.


Brilliant day and well done to all and thanks to Ian for his usual administration on the day.



2017 Green Opening Sunday April 2nd 11.30am


What a wonderful day to start the 2017 season. The format of this ‘friendly’ opening event was a ‘pairs’ round robin. 24 members playing two games and the four winners playing to a final. The winners, Alan Livesey and Janet Burke over Reg Horman and Phil Watson. Thanks, as always, to Ian and his little helpers for making the day a huge success and to Mark, Ann, Colin and all their little helpers for providing the famous Railway hospitality.


The ‘star’ of the day was our Green. Members visiting for the first time could not believe the transformation and changes.


Thanks to all who made the effort, hope the sunburn is not too sore today.


2017 Bowling Green Improvements



Fantastic work  both ON and OFF the green over Winter. 2017 sees a new standard that will attract bowlers to a great green, excellent facilities and hospitality. 2017 will see the FIRST Railway Classic. Watch this space for more details. A proposed knock-out event over two weekends in Aug / Sep with excellent Prizes for the top eight.


2017 Blackburn Fixtures


Men’s Fixtures and Cup games published. Where have the Ladies gone?


Railway Hotel Pleasington awarded 5 stars for Food Hygiene



Continued investment and attention to every detail earns Our Railway a 5 Start Food Hygiene Rating. Congratulations to Mark, Ann and Colin for an excellent food service that has no equal in the ‘village’.


Reflections of 2016…







Leyland Floodlight End of Season


Another memorable and frustrating winter bowling season at Fox Lane. The PP Pluckers aka The A-Team missed out of second place by half a point! Lots of games where things could have been so different but nevertheless a great effort from a depleted squad. I’ll be back next year. It was the first winter season for the Vagabonds who really enjoyed playing the two greens at Fox Lane. Our Landlord and Frank being the ‘pair’ of the season – destined for The Waterloo Doubles this year!


Good luck to Olive Oilers who will represent East Lancs in the last eight. Let’s hope Lady Luck stays with them (Ian and Brian lost to a ridiculously lucky wood that typifies doubles bowling!).


Thanks to Little Al and substitute A Team Captain Mark C for their organisation.


AGM Update


Excellent attendance for what are exciting times at the Railway’s renaissance. Alan Cottam, Our President was made a lifetime member. Membership for 2017 is £45 / full member and Social / Associate members stays at £15. Team Captains remained as last year, as does the Treasurer, Chairman, Social Secretary and Secretary.


A minutes silence was made in respect of past members and in particular Paul Hilton who passed in August 2016.


The Club agreed unanimously to support our Landlord Mark and will commit to third-party maintenance and costs of the green. Our wonderful volunteers providing continued support to the infrastructure, outer areas of the bowling and to providing green cutting resources as and when required.


A Green Opening competition will be played late March / early April.






This time last year we had a Pub and Green facing a doubtful future. In March a new regime arrived and things this year look VERY different. The Pub is flying high again thanks to Mark, Ann and our Mad Chef ‘Colin’. Saturday entertainment is excellent and the food, and especially Breakfast, is excellent value and good quality. The Green and the surroundings are being transformed. The ‘Sowf’ side (as Mark would say) has been cleared, landscaped and will shortly have a new Scoring Hut for competitions. The ‘Nowf’ has had the trees cut back and the Bowling Hut now has extended Shelter and a Station Clock!  Brilliant work and special thanks on behalf of all bowlers to Mark and his team for their effort and input.


2017 looks to be an exciting new season. Working with the BCGBA and NL&F ( The Railway will be again on the Bowling and Bowling Trip circuit. NL&F have funds to help us grow and develop our Club. In 2017 it would be great to see a vibrant Juniors section. Help with coaching, leagues and events is on hand. A much healthier way to spend a day than in front of game console!


The website continues to become a story and picture book of our club and is now joined by the sister website of the Railway itself.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. The Railway has a FULL program of entertainment and festive cheer throughout the holiday period. See you on the green soon.






The first Turkey Shoot since 2011 was supported by 21 bowlers in a straight knock-out competition. After three rounds the semi-finalists were Reg, Vinnie O’Donnell, Mark Croasdale and Pete (the Xmas Dance organiser! -sorry Mike).  Vinnie was too good for Reg as was Mark against Pete. Whilst the semi’s and final’s were at an exciting stage, Frank kicked off the ‘Doe’s knockout inside the Railway. Vinnie’s epic semi-final drained him of all energy and Mark took first prize after a fine win. Special thanks to Frank for his wooden crates full of food and healthy things.


The presentation was made by Ann whose staff provided a superb Hot Pot Brunch that kept us all warm and in the festive spirit. Thanks to Ian for his splendid organisation and raffle, which went on and on and on! Oh and where were our Ladies?  Not ONE lady member – surely not all shopping – bet they read this now!


The domino’s (not pizza) was played to a final between Craig and the resident Crazy chef Colin. Craig was just too good (lucky really) and took home a bottle of bubbly for Diane.


The Christmas Jumper competition was jointly shared by Reg and Craig who get the chance to wear them again in 2017.


Brilliant day and start to the festive season. May I take this opportunity to wish all bowlers and friends of The Railway the very best for Christmas. There is a huge variety of entertainment at the Railway this festive period details at


Stay well and see you alll in 2017… Happy New Year soon we will be bowling again.


Railway A and B now playing in Fox Lane Winter League


League as at 16th Jan 


Next Games: 23rd and 26th Jan


Division 2 P For Against Diff Points
Olive Oilers 11 431 289 142 29
Eaves Lane Athletic 11 423 317 106 24
P.P. Pluckers 11 414 325 89 22
Str. Outta Croston 11 403 314 89 21.5
Vagabonds 11 353 373 -20 15.5
Fourplay 11 338 404 -66 10
Hopefuls 11 294 431 -137 7
Bush Trimmers 11 217 420 -203 3


Following on from a brilliant first season the Railway has entered two teams. The Pleasington Pheasant Pluckers and the Vagabonds. Both teams are in the SAME league so FUN is assured.


First games – 3rd October – 6.30pm registration – 7.00pm start.


Fixtures shown below:



























Blackburn Bowling League Presentation – 14th October St. Stephen’s Bowling Club


Celebrating the promotion of the A Team to Division 1 and their runner-up position in the Infirmary Cup the team will be presented with their Trophy and financial reward Friday 14th October. Let’s try and get ALL the team at this event.



4th Sep – Sunday – John Smith’s Cup – Singles


Excellent day’s bowling and the winner Reg Horman who beat Phil Fogarty in the Final.




Losing semi-finalists were Bob Shepherd and Mark Croasdale. League positions were very tight and Brian Fish just missed top spot by one chalk. Game of the day was Mark, our Landlord and in his first season, who beat Ian Armstrong to 12!  This is what it is all about… (or was Ian after a discount on a pint or two?)


2016 League Positions 


Blackburn League –


Railway A promoted to Division 1, Railway B relegated to Division 3 – subject to league re-adjustments (as last year!).


Darwen League –


Nomads finish half way with their best away season ever, Vagabonds TOP of the LEAGUE and promoted.


1st August


Games start again at 6.30pm.




Oak Rose Bowl


Mike Holesworth and Pete Norris take the Bowl after a thrilling final against Mark squared 21-20.


OakRoseBowlTrophy ORB2016Finalists


Spencer Cup


Mick Lee wins his sixth spencer cup victory and three on the ‘bounce’. Playing Pete Norris he won at 20 across with his last bowl. Brilliant day organised and run by the Ladies section. Well done girls. The Charity lunch raised £61.40 donated to Mark and Annes charity HWAR – Hereford and Worcestershire Animal Rescue.


Infirmary Cup Final – RESULT


4th August 6.45pm at The Alex. Railway A played Crown Paints. Our first ever Final in this competition. Too much for some as Alex bowler Phil Watson and ex Alex player and Captain Reg did a bunk to very different Islands. Phil to the IOM and Reg to Cuba. Full match report to follow and congratulations to Crown who on this occasion were stronger and worthy winners.


Christmas Do!


Friday 16th December 2016 – 7.00am for 7.30pm


The now legendary Railway Bowling Club Christmas Party will be held again at Pleasington Golf Club – 7.00pm for 7.30pm Dine and Dance. We will be entertained again by the Soundcasters. Menu details to follow.


Please book your seats via your team Captain or through Mike Holdsworth.


Infirmary Cup – Semi Final


A team wins semi-finals in fine style.


Jubilee Cup – Result


Another brilliant day in glorious weather… Winner Mick Lee who beat Mark Croasdale…


Double’s Knock Out – Result


Excellent day…  Winners Barbara and Alan (Flanagan couldn’t make it) who beat Phil Fog and Alan Cottam – Competition report due soon from Ian…


The Pairings have been ‘drawn’. The weather forecast is HOT and the green could be even hotter! Prepared Sat by Ian Armstrong the green looks better. The Railway bowlers would like to wish all non-bowlers and enjoyable day. Who knows there may be a budding star tomorrow. The competition will be ‘Round-robin’. There are leagues of three and four pairs. Those in a three league will play to 21 Up – No Handicaps, and those in a four league will play to 17 Up – again No Handicaps.


Lets enjoy, relax and have fun.


2016 Fixtures


Railway A and B teams in same Blackburn league in 2016…  late start and early finish in much smaller league.


New Landlord at the Railway


Great news and just in time for the TV series and spring start, we welcome to the Railway new landlord Mark. Met him today in the car park. The OFFICIAL re-opening is Thursday 28th and the first Event is on Saturday 30th January when  SOUL returns to the Railway.


Lets get behind Mark and his team.


First thing going back into the Railway is SKY TV – brilliant!


AGM 2016


With the current ‘unknown’ position in regard to the Railway Tenancy this years AGM will be on Monday 18th January at the Feniscowles Sports and Social Club. 7.30pm start.


Christmas Bowling Club Party


Another magnificent evening spent by over 70 members and quests at Pleasington Golf Club. Fantastic organisation by Mike and Pauline.


Winter Floodlite Bowling at Fox Lane


Thrilling return to winning ways. Ian playing with Mark C lost 15-21 and Reg playing with Mick won 21-14 to take the game 2-1. A great result with some excellent winter bowling.


What does a Plucked Pheasant look like?  Well since the last report regarding the PPP team we’ve lost all our plumage after taking a hit from one barrel, then another and on Monday another. Not fair that they now fire at us from three barrels. Playing as different pairs each week we are being tested in now difficult conditions.


Is it just that our opponents are better? Can’t be.


Is it that this is our first year on two testing greens?


Maybe or is it just the rub of the green playing pairs? Probably not…


It is though a great night and as we regrow our feathers good time will return!


League positions – click here (and watch for progress in the weeks to come)


PPP  – Top of the league after four matches : click for details


This year our players have registered as the Pleasington Pheasant Pluckers aka PP Pluckers in the Fox Lane Floodlite bowling league. Made up from a squad of eight players matches are weekly on a Monday consisting two pairs (4 players) representing the Pluckers. We have registered for eight players and have today six registered players. Any one wishing to play at some point through the Winter is welcome to join us. Please contact Reg to join (subject to availability).


The League matches are:




Players:  Ian Armstrong – Brian Fish – Matt Fish – Mark Croasdale – Mick Lee – Reg Horman…


Pleasington on TV…


Filmed as part of a new TV series called “Paul Merton’s Secret Stations” due to be released on Channel 4 and More 4 in Spring 2016. Paul spent an enjoyable five hours in Pleasington playing crown green bowls for The Railway against The Butlers…  Click here for details.


John Smith Cup – scheduled for Sunday 30th August


Due to uncertainty surrounding the re-opening of The Railway facilities and service it has been agreed that the scheduled competition be postponed until further notice.


A team fixture change – NOTE change – 10th Sep


Match changes as follows:


August 10th Railway A v Rishton Con home has been re-arranged for Thursday 10th September 6.00 start


Thanks to our opponents for accommodating our change request.


Club Outing – Fox Lane Leyland


Singles won by Mark Croasdale. Excellent venue. Check out the day here


Spencer Cup


Brilliant and well supported event with Mike Lee retaining his title after beating Norah in a very wet final. Losing semi-finalists Brian and Reg who also played in atrocious conditions. Everyone else had a dry, warm and enjoyable day!


Railway players representing East Lancs


Playing against Furness the Railway has two players representing East Lancs. Ian, playing at Walney Island (and on a mini-break weekend) won 21-20 and Reg playing on the Alex lost 16-20 in a thrilling and very close game of bowls. Check out the full results at




Annual Bowling Trip – 25th July – Fox Lane, Leyland


Book your place with Ian and see you there!


Wedding balls!


I wonder how many bowling teams will have a Wedding from within their club this year? Well on 23rd May two of our bowlers tied the knot after 17 years practice. Congratulations Jim and Christine from all your bowling friends and especially those at the Railway.


2015 – The Bowling Day Out Premier Location


The facilities at The Railway Bowling Club Pleasington are second to none when considering your annual bowling trip. Great surroundings, good beer, great food and a warm Lancashire welcome. We even have our own Railway station if you don’t wish to hire a coach!


Booking filling up. Contact Dan on 01254 42300 or email


19th April – Doubles


It with regret that the scheduled ‘Doubles’ competition has been withdrawn due to a lack of interest.


This may be a result of the cost (£5.00 per person which is double the normal entry fee) and also the location of  the ‘Club’ entry sheet inside the The Railway Hotel. There are ongoing discussions to try and resolve these issues. Let’s hope we can get back to a positive place to ensure full entries and therefore success for all parties.


2015 Season


Good luck to all players for season 2015


2015 Fixtures posted


Blackburn Leagues and Ladies League matches posted. Watch this space for Darwen Leagues. First matches start 8th / 9th April. Will be arranging pre-season matches to find out how far away the ground is this year!


Club Competitions 2015


Remember to put in your diaries 2015 Club Comps…  always enjoyable…


FIRST event is 19th April – The Doubles Trophy


Check out other ‘Local Club events’ here.


What a night…  


2014 Bowling Club Christmas Party was a HUGE success. Entertained by the fabulous ‘Kasuals’ and enjoyed by 72 member the evening was fantastic. Together we raised £375.00 for the Mayor’s Charity and after another huge raffle we danced the night away.


Thanks to Mike and Pauline for their organisation and to everyone who made this night so memorable.


Christmas best wishes to everyone, to those who aren’t feel too well (Jim – that’s YOU) get better soon and to all a very Happy New Year.





Our Wednesday Ladies are CHAMPIONS of Blackburn League – doesn’t get any better than this – well done girls and cheers!


photo 2


The victorious Ladies Team 2014 celebrating after taking the League Champions Title.


A Team gains promotion back to Division 1 after a thrilling game at Lower Darwen URC.


B Team finish third – highest ever position.


Nomads rescue their season and stay in Division 1 after a brilliant 5-3 victory away to the Butlers


This week all teams achieved their specific objectives… perfect end to a perfect season. See you all at the end of season comp – 28th September 11.30 start.





Ian Armstrong – Darwen Presidents Champion 2014

Pat Fogarty Winner 2014 of the Blackburn Lady President’s Trophy




WANTED – Club Members to help green staff manage the green side borders (grass cutting) – Please see Pete, Alan or Ian and/or call down to the green on a Saturday morning and add a few hours to help everyone.



The NEW Railway March 28th 2014






































You won’t recognise the change, you will appreciate the space, new furnishings and ambience. New Pub, new season and new start… lets support our hosts in the usual way!         2014 League Fixtures Complete 2013 – Photo’s uploaded to Gallery… happy days Railway Bowling AGM – Monday 13th January at 7.30pm in The Railway Start the new season in warm, friendly and a quiz free environment… see you there!




League Season 2013 summary: A team – relegated – despite some ‘rough’ results and missing colleagues the team rallied in the second half but alas too late to recover from dreadful (and difficult start). The 4 points for the agg make ALL the difference. B team – just missing promotion – finished 4th – highlight of the season must be Phil’s brilliant record and Order of Merit title. Time to step up a league or two! Ladies – valiant third with some great bowling results from Pat, Madeline and Norah. Ladies Afternoon – mid-table position and good to see their team match reports each week. Well done Marjorie. Nomads – mid-table position with the seasons highlight being the Cup Victory. Excellent all-round performance. Strange how Tuesday night matches with effectively the same team as Monday deliver better results. Is it that we have played once already? Is it that the ‘blind draw’ removes tactical selection? Is it that the Darwen League is easier than Blackburn?  I suspect a mixture of all… The annual men’s trip to Rivington and the ladies trip to Samlesbury were as usual memorable (for some!) and the Nomads trip is now 19th October (not sure of this is the end of the season trip or the start of next season!). Bring your mittens. One good thing will be that by then the ‘midges’ will have frozen! Thanks again to the team who tender the green. We all appreciate what you do, even if we moan when there’s a huge brown piece, bumps and green and brown camouflage! Time we all took some time to help. There is definitely consideration toward a front and back end ‘open’ pairs, even a singles to compete with The Alex Classic. Food for thought and a brilliant link to our Pub. Now in new hands and with promise to deliver once again food! Support them and they’ll support us. End of Season Comp and the Turkey Shoot to come. Nomads Cup memories [nivoslider id="1857"] Slider known issues – under investigation Well the nights are drawing in as season 2013 draws to a close. It always looks so far away when warming up in March, but then it seems to fly by so quick! Season 2103 will go down as one of the best summers on record. Let’s end the season together by supporting the upcoming Club competitions starting this Sunday with the ‘Club Pairs’ competition. Turn up / put your name down and partners will be drawn on the day. Our new Landlords want to promote bowling and are looking for ‘professionals’ to assist newcomers to learn, understand and enjoy the game. (told Dan to look up the road!). Anyone interested in becoming a Railway Mentor? Season’s summary to follow.NomadsCupWinners1 Railway Nomads – Win the Darwen Subs Cup beating Darwen Subs in the Final at Lower Darwen URC.  Brilliant team performance. Thanks to all who attended. Match Report click here


Ready, steady… and we are off! Great to see the ‘teams’ come together, to see Phyllis marking a card, to look forward to MUCH better weather whilst reflecting on our bowling friends who are suffering, and those whose suffering is over.


The 2013 season has started. Following the coldest March for 50 years the season sets off in a very cold biting Easterly wind.


The A team at East Lancs, there’s a reason why its called that!  Absolutley NO protection at all from the Siberian airflow. The ‘coldest’ start to a season anyone can remember… but the warmest team spirit across all Leagues.


Good Luck to all. Enjoy. ____________________________




Well that’s another bowling season over! 2012 will go down as one of the wettest on record and many thanks and congratulations must go to those that look after and improve year on year our green.


The A team was relegated, the B team usual mid-table result, Ladies third after a bright start but with an amazing season by Norah and Janet – well done girls, brilliant bowling. The anonymous Monday afternoon Ladies team might just get their email address right so next year they too can enlighten and entertain with weekly updates. However, despite the ups and downs perhaps 2012 will be remembered as the LAST bowling season of Sonia and Sharone – the To LET sign is appended and alas another great team is pushed out of our pub by shareholders! Lets have a true LOCAL, run by the locals for the locals and no longer to feed fat cats and pension fund managers!


Winter well… spring back into life in March and continue to enjoy YOUR bowling club web site. See you next year…


Club Competition Entry Form

Please Note: The Railway Classic has its own web site for entries:

Green opening

The green is open from today. Please refer to the guidelines on the BCGBA website and my previous email with regard to safeguarding yourselves at this time.

Green Closure

In line with Government guidelines with regard to social distancing it has been decided to close the green for the time being. Keep safe and well in the meantime.


Further to my previous post, and in light of the Government's latest advice, a decision has been made to cancel the first two Club competitions, as the welfare of all our Club members comes before anything else. The Vets league has been cancelled altogether. However,...

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