New Committee Member

This is to notify you all that Ian Armstrong, our Safeguarding Officer, has been co-opted onto the Committee as a new member. It goes without saying that Ian will be a welcome addition to the team, as those of you who know him will testify.

AGM 2020

The AGM will take place on Monday, 20 January 2020 at 7.45 in the pub. Please submit any items you may wish to be raised to me as soon as you can via my email address.

Blackburn League Raffle

1st Prize £100.00 East Lancs 626-630 2nd Prize £50.00 Crown B 596 – 600 3rd Prize £25.00 Olive Park A 686-690 4th Prize £25.00 Rushton St 731-735 5th Prize £10.00 Everton St 631-635