Another very pleasant late summer evening and our penultimate match of the season against Clitheroe Cricket. It’s a venue that none of us had previously played except perhaps Big Al but he couldn’t remember much about the time!  ‘Twas quite a long way and Phil wasn’t sure of the location so we set off early – 5-30? -no earlier than that! Phil didn’t want to be late – 5-15!  Nice, friendly people and the green was big and interesting with some good marks but VERY heavy!  On with the game.

First four out were Dave, Pat, Big Al and Bob. First off was Big Al who went down 11-21. Quickly followed by Pat who was 10-3 down before she got to grips with the green and too late to do any damage- 21-11 to Clitheroe. Ditto Bob in a similar game, 11-4 down but too late to make an impact 21-11 to the homester. A pattern seems to be emerging in these final scores.  Dave was next, the same scenario 5-11 down but Dave managed to stench the flow and secured a great win. Guess what? Yeah, 21-11!  Spooky!  Hmm, 3-1 down and all to do.

Second squad out were Little Al, Razz, Frank and Phil.  Frank was next to ‘phone home’, come in Frankie your time is up! And he did with yet another 21-11 score line but in favour of his opposition.  Little Al never looked troubled and breezed through his match with another great win 21-12. Phew, thank goodness for that l was getting worried about these ‘elevenses’! Last on the green were Phil and Razz who were in tight games which produced good entertainment for we spectators. Razz’s game stood at 11 across then 19 across when he was just pipped to the post 19-21. Phil’s game took a similar vein, 8 across, 15 across then Phil was 17-19 down when he won the block to go 18-19. A thrilling finish to the match but the spoils went to Clitheroe 21-18.

So, a 6-2 defeat and the agg was never mentioned! But it could so easily have been 4-4 which was not beyond our capabilities. So a good effort on a foreign green. Dave bagged the dibs which brought a big, beaming smile to his face! No game next Monday but our final game for this season on Thursday 3rd September when the ‘Cherrytree lads’ are back in town. Well played tonight guys, as always.