2020 Club Comps

Date Club Competition Format Winner Runner Up
Sunday 29th March Green Opening Closed - format tbc
Sunday 26th April Doubles Trophy Closed Draw for Partners Doubles Round Robin to a final
Sunday 10th May Wendy Fish Sheild TBC
Sunday 31st May Jubilee Cup Open -Singles Round Robin to final
Sunday 5th July Spencer Cup Closed -Singles Round Robin to final
Sunday 16th August Oak Rose Bowl Open Doubles
Sunday 6th September John Smith Cup Closed - Singles Round Robin to final
Sunday 4th October Eddie Bennett Cup Open -Doubles
Sunday 13th Dec Turkey Shoot Open - Round Robin type tbc
Monday 28th and Wed 30th Dec Memorial Round 1 & 2 Open - Power Bowling Round Robin
Date Club Competition Format Winner Runner Up

2019 Club Comps

Date Club Competition Format Winner Runner Up
Sunday 24th March Green Opening Singles Round Robin to final Reg Horman John Phillips
Sunday 19th May Doubles Trophy Draw for Partners Doubles Round Robin to a final Alan Cottam (President) and Janet Burke Vince Wilkinson and Joe Gaffney
Sunday 2nd June Jubilee Cup Singles Round Robin to final Reg Horman Sue Livesey
Sunday 14th July Spencer Cup Singles Round Robin to final Ian Armstrong Chris
Sunday 18th August Oak Rose Bowl Open Doubles Mark Marrow and Bob Shepherd Alan and Norah Proos
Sunday 8th September John Smith Cup Singles Round Robin to final Mick Lee Norah Proos
Sunday 13th October End of Season Doubles Brian and Ben (Pete) Norman and Chris
Sunday 8th Dec Turkey Shoot Singles Round Robin to final Aid Hogdon Pete Norris
Friday 27th Dec Memorial Round 1 Power Bowling Round Robin Gary Timms Brian Fish
Date Club Competition Format Winner Runner Up

2018 Club Comps

DateClub CompetitionFormatWinner / RUp
DateClub CompetitionFormatWinner / RUp
Sunday 13th MayDoubles TrophyDoubles
Sunday 17th JuneJubilee CupSinglesIan Armstrong - Champion Brian Fish
Sunday 8th JulySpencer CupSinglesMark Croasdale - Champion Alan Croft (Witton)
Sunday 19th AugOak Rose BowlDoublesMark Green and Mick Preston - Champions Tim Preston and Steve Croft
Sunday 9th SepJohn Smith CupSinglesVinnie Wilkinson - Winner John Phillips
Sunday 7th OctEnd of SeasonDoublesMark Croasdale and Vinnie Wilkinson - Winners
Sunday 9th DecTurkey ShootSingles Round RobinGary Timkin Winner Mark Croasdale Runner Up losing semi-finalists - Frank Whittaker and Reg Horman

2017 Club Comps

DateClub CompetitionFormatWinner / RUp
DateClub CompetitionFormatWinner / RUp
Sunday 7th MayDoubles TrophyDoublesWinners: Alan & Norah R/Up: Raz & Frank
Sunday 11th JuneJubilee CupSinglesWinner: Alan Lowe R/Up: Sue Livesey
Sunday 9th JulySpencer CupSinglesWinner: Mick Lee R/Up: Ian Armstrong
Sunday 20th AugOak Rose BowlDoublesWinners - Mick Holdsworth and Pete Norris R/Up - Tim Preston and Alan Croft (Witton)
Sunday 10th SepJohn Smith CupSinglesWinner - Reg Horman R/Up - Bob Shepherd
Sunday 8th OctEnd of SeasonSinglesWinners - Phil Watson and Gregg Thompson R/Up - Vinnie and Little 'Al'
Sunday 10th DecTurkey ShootSingles

2016 Club Comps

DateClub CompetitionFormatWinner / RUp
DateClub CompetitionFormatWinner / RUp
Sunday 8th MayDoubles TrophyDoublesWinners: Barbara & Alan R/Up: Phil and Alan Cottam
Sunday 5th JuneJubilee CupSinglesWinner: Mick Lee R/Up: Mark Croasdale Losing semi-finalists: Reg Horman Alan Cottam
Sunday 10th JulySpencer CupSinglesWinner: Mick Lee R/Up: Pete Norris Losing semi-finalists: Colin Crawford Sue Livesey
Sunday 21st AugOak Rose BowlDoublesWinners: Mick Holesworth & Pete Norris R's/Up: Mark Marrow & Mark Croasdale
Sunday 4th SepJohn Smith CupSinglesWinner: Reg Horman R/ Up: Phil Fogarty Losing semi-finalists: Mark Croasdale Bob Shepherd
Sunday 18th SepEnd of SeasonSingles
Sunday 4th DecTurkey ShootSingles

John Smith’s Autumn Cup 2016

After torrential rain the day prior our intrepid volunteer green keepers (Alan and Pete) managed to prepare a good playing surface upon which 18 members would play round-robin leagues to determine the semi-finalists. In warm, occasionally sunny but pleasant ambient weather games were played to 15 up. Game of the day in the round-robin was our Landlord Mark v Ian. Mark taking a famous victory 15-12! Winners of the four leagues were Bob Shepherd, Mark Croasdale, Phil Fogarty and Reg Horman. The semi’s would see Reg beat Bob and Phil, after being 2-9 down beating Mark C 15-12. The final was won by Reg who played some fine lead bowling to take the Cup for a second time.


Great day with another fantastic buffet provided by Mark and Anne – contributions going to their favourite charity. Great to see Phyllis making an appearance and thanks to Pete for organising the event, games and prize presentation.

Oak Rose Bowl 2016

Excellent entry and a round robin of two leagues of five pairs saw Mark M & Mark C playing Mick and Pete in a thrilling final (well at the end anyway). After a slow start with both pairs treating the ‘jack’ as if a world war two mine the game looked to be the two Mark’s at 20-15. Mick and Pete (well Pete really) had other ideas. Pete playing last won three single ends with the last wood. 20 across and Mick joined in again. He had been leading well all day and after a calculated rest was back in full swing and full corner bowling. First wood close, second wood closer and neither of Mark M’s wood reached. Pete added another two whilst Mark C just couldn’t ‘get in the end’. Winners by 1 chalk Mick and Pete.

Special mention to Ian Armstrong who single handed managed the whole competition, football cards, raffle and presentation. Also to Mark and Anne for another wonderful buffet and throughout the day excellent bar and food services.

The Oak Rose Bowl is in fact 100% Silver… maybe there was once a wooden one… anyone got any history behind this beautiful cup.

Spencer Cup 2016

Full competition report to follow (maybe). This years competition was organised and run by the Ladies sector under the auspices of our Stella. Through injury and rest as the only cure on offer I was unable to participate, which after the Boules evening before was probably a good thing. On arrival at the green the semi-finals were just finishing in heavy rain. Mick was 18-11 down against Colin Crawford and Pete was ahead against Sue Livesey, who like ‘Little Al’ was an improving class bowler. Mick recovered to win 21-19 and Sue lost to Pete. The final between in form Pete Norris and never out of form and last years winner Mick Lee and thankfully the heavy shower was now stood at the side of the green ;-).  Nip and tuck all the way and the quality of bowling at a high standard. It was all-but across after an indifferent end that with block in hand and leading 20-19 Pete had his chance.He played short. As they would say in the banter of the Isle of Man Pete got ‘jelly arm!’ and bowled two poor woods. Mick’s last wood was short of Pete’s. Was this Mick’s chance gone. 20 across and Mick leads short of the block, Pete follows with a cracking wood to within 12 inch. Mick responds with a even better wood to drop just past the block by six inches. Pete’s last wood was high and wide. Mick wins again and will have his name on the Spencer Cup six times. Pete’s great form continues.



Mark and Anne provided the buffer with contributions being made for their favourite charity HWAR – Herefordshire & Worcestershire Animal Rescue. A total of £61.40.

Jubilee Cup 2016

Another amazing summer’s day and another excellent entry. The Jubilee Cup was introduced by ‘The Burkes’ in 1977 in celebration of the Queen’s silver jubilee. Unfortunately, Janet was unable to attend. As usual the ‘draw’was made on Friday evening and the competition handicapping was managed by the ‘B’ team. Even tough the A and B team are in the same league the B team somehow received a +2 handicap. There was one +6 and two +8 handicaps. The green is coming but we definitely need some warm rain soon. The format for this competition is a straight knock-out. The semi’s were Reg playing Mark C and Mick playing Alan Cottam. Mick and Mark taking victories in close games and a high standard of bowling. The final was started under protest from the middle of the green. Mick took early advantage and led 13-0. Mark waited for his chance and battled back to lose to 16. Fantastic day with nearly one of the shocks wins of the day. Ian playing Landlord Mark was well down at 4-17 (Mark had a +8 start). Ian eventually won but was visibly shaken by the experience – unlucky Mark and well done Ian.

Doubles Trophy 2016

A wonderful sunny afternoon greeted the players on arrival at the green for the first competition of the 2016 season.The draw was done as a round robin of four groups, three groups of three pairs and one of four pairs. In group `A`, IAN & CHRISTINE progressed through to the semi-final with two good wins against N.STARKIE / M.MARROW & B.FISH / J.BURKE.

In group `B`, ALAN L & BARBARA won their passage trough to the semi-final wit wins against S.LIVESEY / N.PROOS & R.BOLTON / J.MARROW.

In group `C`, MADELEINE & MATT were the winners having played against M.HOLDSWORTH / Pat FOGARTY & M.CROASDALE / M.McKEWEN to book their place in the semi-final.

In group `D`, Four pairs played  three games of 17up and this proved to be the tightest group, ALAN C & Phil FOGARTY just edging the group by five points in their victories over M.LEE / N.KENDALL, M.KENDALL / R.SMITH & R.HORMAN / M.NICHOLLS ( landlord who gamely offered to partner REG ).

The semi-finals were paired up and played to 17up with no handicaps, the first semi-final featured CHRISTINE & IAN against ALAN C & Phil, After a close start ALAN & PHIL pulled away to close out a win and put themselves into the final. The other game was between MADELEINE / MATT & ALAN L / BARBARA, good play from the second pairing saw them gain the win needed to progress through to the final.

The final was also played to 17up and kept the spectators entertained with some excellent bowling from both pairs, after a long hot day the pair who overcame everyone to win the RAILWAY CHALLENGE CUP were ALAN LOWE & BARBARA WARING.

Special thanks go to our landlord and landlady who provided us with a wonderful spread and really are making a difference.

2015 Club Comps

DateClub CompetitionFormatWinner / RUp
DateClub CompetitionFormatWinner / RUp
19th AprilDoubles TrophyDoublesDid NOT Play - re-arranged for later in the year. Have we a date in mind? The season is getting on.
7th JuneJubilee CupSinglesWinner - Ian Armstrong Runner-Up - Phil Fogarty
5th JulySpencer CupSinglesWinner - Mick Lee Runner-up - Norah Proos
9th AugustOak Rose BowlDoublesWinners - Brian & Matt Fish Runners up - Norah Proos/Alan Lowe
Postponed due to lack of facilities at The Railway. Re-arranged date will be published shortly.John Smith CupSingles
20th or 27th SepEnd of SeasonSingles
13th DecemberTurkey ShootSingles

Jubilee Cup 2015 Report

On a wonderfully sunny and warm day twenty bowling club members gathered at the RAILWAY to play in this years JUBILEE CUP, The competition was run on a round robin basis, four groups of five players would play four games to find a winner of each group who would then play in two semi-finals to reach the final.

After some very good close games the winners of each group were : ALAN LIVESEY, MARK CROASDALE, IAN ARMSTRONG & PHIL FOGARTY ( Defending champion).

In the first semi-final ALAN v. PHIL, was a good contest but ALAN just could not rekindle his early form and lost out to a consistant PHIL, the other semi-final was IAN v. MARK and although MARK fought well he lost out to some very consistant bowling from IAN.

So the final was last years champion PHIL v. IAN, off to a good start IAN was able to hold off a good fightback from PHIL and then pull away to register the win and take the trophy.

ALAN COTTAM presented the prizes and thanked everyone for a great day with special thanks to PETE NORRIS for running the competition on behalf of the `B` TEAM.

2014 – Club Comps and Reports

DateClub CompetitionFormatWinner / RUp
DateClub CompetitionFormatWinner / RUp
4th May John Smith CupSinglesMark Crosdale Ian Armstrong
1st JuneJubilee CupSinglesPhil Fogarty Craig Bibby
6th JulySpencer CupSinglesMike Lee Phil Fogarty
28th SepOak Rose BowlDoublesMike & Adam (Butlers)
12th Oct (subject to weather)Mixed Doubles TrophyDoubles
7th or 15th DecChristmas CompetitionSingles

Spencer Cup – 6th July 2014 – Report

A sunny Sunday morning – a green lovingly prepared and ready and waiting for the start of play. After a few “now you see me/now you don’t” moments, and some late arrivals, we got underway with 20 players, Kay Melia kindly stepping in at the 11th hour for James Melia, who apparently didn’t know he was down to play! The competition was run as a knockout, which is something of a tradition for this very prestigious trophy.  There were 8 players in a preliminary round and Reg, Mark Croasdale, Stormin’ Norman and Mick Lee won through to next round. The ladies. who were running the competition today, were soon seen off by the males of the species with only Madeline getting through to the next round. Some excellent bowling and some tight games to 21 up, with a ding dong of a battle between Mick Lee & Mark Croasdale – ultimate spoils going to Mick 21-20.  Semi finalists – Mick Lee v Reg Horman and Pete Norris v Phil Fogarty. Mick & Phil eventually coming through as worthy finalists after some accurate and impressive bowling. The crowd was truly going wild! A Butlers versus Railway final between two evenly matched and extremely competitive bowlers. Not much between the two players early on in the game and Railway hopes very much riding with Phil. but Kay’s lone voice could just about be heard in the Butlers corner! Game seeming to go with block advantage and once a bit of daylight had emerged between the two – Mick headed for the finishing line with woods that couldn’t be beaten. Well done to both players for such a high standard of play on an extremely warm afternoon. Thanks to Mike for marking the final and to the mayor of Blackburn, our own Alan Cottam for presenting the trophy and the prizes. Thanks to all who helped by marking, measuring, buying raffle tickets, providing prizes and contributing in any way to the success of the day. Special thanks to the ladies who ran the competition and didn’t fall flat on their faces – as predicted! Here’s to the next one!


John Smith’s Cup – Report – 6th June 2014

Click here for pictures

On as near a perfect green as you can get at the Railway the 2014 John Smith’s Cup entry of 14 players saw a ’round robin’ format of four mini-leagues. The winners of each league playing a semi and final. In good weather the league stages saw excellent bowling from many of the non-bowlers. In fact, looking at the ‘turn-out’ it was a little disappointing not to see many of the bowlers taking part – maybe ‘Bank Holiday’ weekends are not the best tine to stage club comps. That apart. the usual good fun, spirit and competitive nature was enjoyed by all with excellent drink and food services supplied from ‘Our Pub’.

The semi finals were fought between Reg v Mark C (last years finalists) and Norah v Ian. Reg trailed throughout his match with Mark C and between them produced some excellent ends. At 18-20 down Reg bowled a long length and two good woods, Mark’s first offline and high. His second wood was played to perfection as it rested Reg’s closest wood to win the game 21-18. Ian and Norah’s game was just as tight with Ian eventually running out.

Mark v Ian in the final was another close game. Mark eventually winning 21-16 to win again the Trophy.

A special mention to the greens staff who presented a beautiful and fast running green.  Brilliant day finished in true Railwayian style at the bar.

Pictures to follow…

Jubilee Cup Report – 1st May 2014

Played in wonderful summer conditions a field of 24 Club members divided into 4 groups of 6 started a marathon 5 game session. Games played up to 13 with a handicapping system based on 21 up analysis. The sessions started at 11:20am and the last group game finished at 5.50pm – a LONG but dry and sunny day.

The group winners and therefore semi-finalists being:

Phil Fogarty
Little Al
Mike H

Phil pipping Little Al and Craig moving smoothly into the final.

The final started at 6.40pm and finished with Phil taking the Jubilee Cup. The presentation was attended by many of the 24 and the Cup and flowers handed to Phil by Janet.

A great day, the usual fun and laughter and success for the organisers – the B team. Next comp is 6th June and will be organised by the Ladies.