Away at Corporation Park’s large grassy green, on a pleasant late summer’s evening, and made most welcome by the home team, with supper laid on both for us and to celebrate young Danielle’s good exam results.

Stella, Janet, Fran & Tracey – first to bowl, and no-one finding the green to be a doddle. Needing a push, but running away in places too, and length not easy to master. Stella had a tough game against Janet Knowles, and Stella was on a knife edge – all but against, for 8 ends, whilst she closed the deficit to 19 before the game went to Corporation Park. Janet against Nora Austin, didn’t have it all her own way, in spite of her opponent being comparatively new to  bowling, and Janet had to use her experience to alternate pegs to forge ahead to win the game 21-11. Fran put up some good woods against Danielle, but experienced some difficulty in following Danielle’s multi coloured bowls, which seemed to just trickle on and on before sitting down by the block. Game to Danielle 21-11. Another ding dong of a game was Tracey’s against Edith Howarth. Both players were quite well matched, with Tracey having the edge over the greater distance – another long and competitive game eventually going to Tracey 21-17.

Three of the 1st half games seemed to go on forever – thank goodness for the 6.30pm start. Norah, Marjorie and Pat – 2nd halfers. Norah started well against a good homester, Irene Crane, but once Irene got the block and her comfortable and accurate length – it was curtains for Norah who only just reached a disappointing 10 chalks. Marjorie was well down against Captain Mary Marshall, and in a game similar to Stella’s, with Marjorie hanging by a thread for several ends, to Mary’s 19. Marjorie went on a great run with the block to Even Stevens at 19 across. Marjorie led, with a length but wide wood, which Mary bettered, then through with her 2nd wood and Mary wasn’t, resulting in a second 21-19 victory to the Park. Pat was against a good bowler in Betty Sunderland, who did play some excellent length woods, but Pat doesn’t disappoint and came in with a great 21-11 win.

Corporation Park: 4 winners, 123 chalks, 8 point + agg = 10 points

Railway: 3 winners, 122 chalks = 6 points

Well played ladies – I think we all expected a much less bumpy ride here, but this team is much improved and played well on their own territory. Only 1 point difference between us in the agg, and without our handicap of -2, we would have had 5 winners and the agg with + 14 more chalks. But that’s the price we have paid all season, for our success in 2014.

Thanks to markers, measurers and helpers for your contribution in this match and throughout the 2015 season.

Last game next week at “home” (albeit a green and a hut!) against Dugdale. Not the way we thought we would be finishing the season – in more ways than one, but nevertheless – we’ll do our bit and make it the best we can.