On yet another wet, cold and miserable late April evening, the Railway ladies were at home to Cherry Tree. Sporting our brand new blue fleeces complete with “the Railway” logo and purchased from our last years winnings, and giving us all another layer of clothing aganst the cold wet conditions. First half saw Beryl have her first victory aganst P Bernisconi, who she easily beat 21-8, very well done Beryl! Next off was Janet, again victorious over D Murray and with the same result 21-8. Sue struggled with the wet and the cold against C Hounslow who is a well seasoned bowler, and Sue lost the battle 13-21. Norah’s game against Cherry Tree’s captain, A Veevers broke the long distance record, and the game lasted 1 hour and 20 mins! The game was nip and tuck all the way, but finished 21-19 in Norah’s favour. In the 2nd half our 3 x players: – Pat v M Poole saw Pat in full swing and with a 21-2 win. A very one-sided game and not a victory particularly enjoyed by Pat, but nevertheless – a good win. Stella v R Nelson was again a ding dong battle in the early stages, but then Stella trailed at 12-17, then got the block,  and kept it and stretched Rosemary on longer lengths to run out 21-17. Well done Stella for hanging on in there! Last, but not least was Madeline v S Greenwood and again, it was nip and tuck to 7 – 7, then Madeline kept the block almost to the end with a 21 – 10 win. Once again, our wet, but good running green was in our favour as many of the ladies we have met to date just cannot reach much beyond 19 metres. We must take advantage whilst we can, as the drier fast-running greens don’t suit us so well. A great result, 6 -1 with 139 chalks for (maximum possible 147) almost a full house, and 85 against. 14 good points for the Railway, who are joint top at the moment after 3 x games with Butlers, both teams on 34 points, although Butlers have lost a game.