This weeks fixture saw the NOMADS travel to the exotic pastures of LOWER DARWEN MEMORIAL, a very warm and muggy evening would test both sets of players. first four on for the NOMADS were GREG, DAVE, MARK C. & BARBARA, GREG was playing G.TATTERSALL in a game which was so closely contested that after 17 ends the score was 12-11 only one double having been recorded,the game continued in the same fashion and in a thrilling finale GREG just crept over the line to win 21-19,( REG who had been scoring had gone through more sweets out of the team toffee box than ever before). MARK C. found himself 1-7 down in his match v. N.BRIDGE but then struck a good seam of length bowling which saw him overturn the deficit and run out to a great win of 21-11, BARBARA was in a hard tussle with T.BALSHAW which saw her leading early on then scores levelled and her opponent playing well & just having that bit of luck managed to hold her off to win 21-16, that left DAVE v. D.GROGAN and in another match which would go all the way to the wire,no player gaining a good lead over the other never more than two in the game,the battle of the two DAVES ended in favour of the NOMADS DAVE as he won 21-18 in an entertaining game. First half stats 3-1 & 79-69 on agg. Second half saw REG,IAN,PHIL & CRAIG enter the fray,PHIL who had been asked to play at short notice took a long time to settle in his game v. J.PIMRICK at one point being 1-17 down to some excellent bowling by his opponent,bravely battled back to go into double figures but then luck ran out and he eventually lost 12-21, IAN was up against P.GRAHAM and in a game of very good bowling both players taking some very good woods out he lost out to some very consistent bowling 9-21, REG playing J.LEAVER cut a frustrated figure on the green and just could not get going finally losing out 11-21,CRAIG was last on the green in his game v. N.DICKINSON and in another game that could have gone either way a very good game of bowls saw his opponent just edge him out to win 21-19. From a good position of being 3-1 up at half time we lost out 3-5 to some good bowling from our opponents second half players. There was a secondary battle being fought all over the green but unfortunately there was only one winner in that and it was the MIDGES.