Another trip to darwen this time for the darwen league team, hoping to equal or better last weeks result in the b`burn league.First four on the green were DAVE,GREG, MATT & MARK C, First off was MATT who was up against A.HILLIARD, although he played with his usual determination he just could not get anywhere near his opponent who played very consistently and went down 4-21, following in his footsteps was DAVE with a near carbon copy of a game against J.SCHOFIELD suffering a 3-21 defeat, not long after GREG trudged off following a 8-21 reverse against J.BENTLEY, This was not looking good,whilst the first three players had struggled MARK C was still in touch against D.WHITTLE, leading 4-1 he was pegged back and went behind 4-8 then recovered to 7-8, again he fell away to trail 7-13.

At this point  two of the second four games had started REG was on the green playing G.OAKLAND, The game being very well contested in the early stages with neither player gaining a clear advantage, the other game that had started was IAN against evergreen bowler E.COLLING which was going the way of the opposition as IAN trailed 4-7, meanwhile MARK C was making a comeback first to 9-15 and then levelling the game at 15-15 by which time another of the second half games had begun with CRAIG joining the fun and games v. D.HOYLE unfortunately for CRAIG he seemed to be on a mission to try and beat MARK C off the green and very nearly succeeded going down 2-21, MARK C was really pushing his opponent all the way taking the lead at 18-17 and looking to secure our first win of the night but it all came crashing down as D.WHITTLE managed  to stem the flow and gain the three points required for the win,MARK C going down 18-21.

By this time MARK M had started his game against K.HASLEM and held the early advantage at 7-2, with only two other games on the green those being REG & IAN, after being close in the early stages REGGIES game was still a close contest with the score standing at 11-13 however this would all change with his opponent going on a run which would let REG score only two more points in going down 13-21, so two games left on the green and no wins on the scorecard, IAN had recovered from being 4-7 to go on a run to take the lead at 12-7 and extended this to 15-8, his opponent then rallied to 14-16 before IAN regained control to register the first success of the night 21-14 to the cheers of team mates, MARK M now had the green to himself and as the light grew ever dimmer the consensus on the side was that it would go all the way which was bourne out by the score now being 10-9 after 16 ends, MARK M pulled away again to take the score to 17-12 but his opponent would not lie down and not only pulled back but took the lead at 18-17, MARK responded and took the spoils with two single scores to register a great win 21-19 in the gloominess of the night.

The final stats of 2-6 and a lot behind on the agg. as always it really is a hard place to go to but you play your game with all the usual determination. Good pint and chat after the game at the Golden Cup!