In warm (barmy) weather and no RAIN, the conclusion of the 2017 singles comp and winner, after an epic battle with Mark Croasdale, was Mark Marrow. His second year as the holder. Pictured below with our competition organiser Ian Armstrong.

A great end to a great afternoon. A superb buffet tea was served after which the Doubles commenced in probably the soberest mood ever! Maybe because everyone was bowling. Time allowed is to play another round robin in two leagues with Mike Holesworth playing four balls. Winners of the Doubles were Barbara and Matt, Aunt and Nephew, who beat Reg and Raz in a thrilling and highly skilled game of bowls on a very tricky green. In this final was another player, F. I. Gue which was probably the difference in age!

Runner Up in the singles was Mark Croasdale who appears to have been camera shy! The stage being left to the singles semi-finalists Reg and Brian

As already mentioned Reg playing with partner Raz was beaten (talked out of) in a full final against Barb and Matt.

That’s Master F.I.Gue and Mr F.I.Gue senior (knackered) happy after a brilliant days bowling. Our thanks to Revidge and Wilpshire for the transport and, of course, Mark and Ann for a wonderful breakfast at The Railway.

A success after what was an initial ‘shock’ when seeing a WET green in recovery from recent flooding. Reg took a LOT of flak but I think it worked out fine. There is no doubt at all, that a recovered green would be extremely interesting, which is why it stuck in my mind all those years ago. Everyone had a good time (I hope).

That’s it for another year and the only way to close is to display for all to remember, the wonderful green at St. Stephen’s Bowling Club Banks

As things dried out it did show some of its potential! It didn’t rain as it would have in Waddington.