Friday 11th September Paul Merton visited Pleasington filming for a new TV series called “Paul Merton’s Secret Stations”.

Both Railway and Butlers players were asked to arrange another ‘blood match’ as this would be the theme behind the unwritten script. Mark Marrow and Ian Armstrong arranged things and we met at 3.30pm at The Butlers not knowing really what was expected and by whom. Ian had handed Reg the team sheet and asked the film crew to contact in his absence – good or bad thing?

The director wanted Paul, a virgin at bowling, to meet first his team at The Railway. So off we went back down to The Railway. Reg was designated spokesman – good or bad thing? and was wired for sound. The team was asked to start practising for the upcoming match as Paul was introduced to the game of crown green bowls by Reg. A double act was established and after an hour of so we set off to invade The Butlers. This event was filmed as the underlying theme of ‘do or die’ was enhanced. We walked into the distance with sound and chat being recorded. At The Butlers we were filmed, again as the team entering The Butlers green discussing tactics and approach. Rather than the pre-arranged singles, the Director thought it better if we played in pairs and that Reg stayed alongside Paul to provide advice and encouragement. That worked great as then Mark, missing from the Railway end of filming could join in. He did, but the wrong Mark!

The game started and the story built into a final end where Paul and his Partner Pat were 19 across. Reg suggested that he had found Paul’s weakness, showed him again where his thumb and fingers were on his hand and took off his glasses. That did the trick. Paul concentrated a little more than before and actually, yes its true, bowled TWO great woods which of themselves would have won the ‘last end’.

Everyone enjoyed this experience and it remains to be seen how crown green bowling, the fabulous people and our two great pubs come across in the series due to be released next Spring.

The film crew then concentrated on some finite shots and sounds of crown green bowling before returning to enjoy some of our Lancashire hospitality.

Reg, Paul, Barbara and Dave
Reg without sound, Paul, Barbara and Dave

A GREAT day for everyone involved in CGB, the village of Pleasington and the natural warmth of a Lancashire welcome.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and Keith, put that iPad away now – please!

PS – Lots of photo’s were taken and we would like to create an online album of the event. Please could you send your photo’s to for compilation.